2018-12-23 09:03:03

Yoga/Yog belongs to Sanatana Dharma. Your Dharma is your quality of mind. Yoga is open to all who wish to practice this art and science of mental disciplines. Hinduism doesn’t exist without yoga and vice versa. The main goal of yoga is towards realization of knowledge of self. That inner knowledge is full of bliss and an absolute truth.

“As is the universe, so is the individual. As is the individual, so is the universe.” “You are the embodiment of all the laws of nature. As it is anywhere, so it is everywhere.”

Our consciousness creates energy and transform it to matter, all is energy vibrating at their own frequencies.

Asana means ‘the seat’. When the series of different asanas is sequenced together is called yogasanas. Asana and Pranayama is like a base step of a ladder though independent, works together to exercise the anterior, posterior, lateral and interior portions of body equally bringing total attention to endure all five sheaths of the body. We have 5 different layers from the outer most layer to the inner most layer (the anatomical body, Physiological body, The mental body, the intellectual body and the Spiritual body). Yogasanas are psycho-physiological unlike physical exercises, which are purely external. Asana develops body awareness; generate internal consciousness and stabilizes the mind.

The Practice of yoga brings a perfect balance in body and mind, developing steadiness, composure and firmness.

24 spokes of dharma wheel are as follows:
Love, courage, patience, peace,
gentleness, goodness, devotion, magnanimity,
selflessness, self control, self sacrifice, truthfulness,
justice, mercy, righteousness, gracefulness,
forgiveness, spiritual knowledge, honesty, loyalty,
humility, sympathy, eternity and hope.