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Refreshing PaPaya Salad


by Yusha 5 months ago 0 comments 87 times read


3 cups of chopped Papaya ( Ripen or Raw )

2 table spoons roasted hemped seeds ( crushed )

A cup of mix of chopped green coriander, mint leaves, celery or green onions 

2 table spoon fresh lemon juice 

 half fist of crushed peanuts 

Himalayan Salt to taste 

Method and Tips 

Please roast hemp seeds until brown. Only after cooling down, use grinder to crush the seeds. Make sure you do not make it too finer. 

Rinse all your greens and the papaya with water mix of pinch of himalayan Salt before draining and keep it aside. 

In a big salad bowl, mix all the ingredients well. Sprinkle it with crushed peanuts. 

There you go, super tasty and easy to make recipe ! 




















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