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'Eat To Live' Khichari Recipe


by Yusha 6 months ago 0 comments 90 times read

Kichari is one of the best gut soothing foods in the whole planet. Your body is constantly in thrieve to stay healthy but the mind picks up foods to satisfy the taste buds. Again and again you keep stuffing yourselves with unhealthy foods on bad timings until your internal organs rejects one day. Then the Kichari becomes your best friend. It heals your gut. Kichari helps in maintaining body weight. You won't be constipated. You think clear when your gut is clear, you stress less,  you become mindful and cheerful. 

Kichadi Ingredients 

1 Please have the half cup tai chin rice and half of split mung lentils soaked 20 mins prior cooking. Keep it drained after and keep it aside. 

2 One tsp Cumin ( Jeera )

3 One tsp Ghee or butter 

4 Two little Cinnamon sticks 

5 One cup of chopped vegetables of your choice

6 Six cups of water 

7 salt as desired 

In a pressure cooker or any pan, pour the ghee.

After one minute, fry the cumin until brown. Put the cinnamon sticks.

When the aroma of spices happens, put the drained rice and lentils.

Add 6 cups of water. Salt to taste. 

Cover the lid and Wait till one whistle in low heat. If you are doing it on pan, it is easier to actually see when the Kichadi is ready. 

Enjoy your gut healing Kichari. Garnish with chopped coriander. 



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