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The Sun Worshipping


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An adult in Brahman temple, Pushkar, offering water to the early morning Sun 

Sun Salutation A 

The Sun Worshipping, collaborated artwork from us ( eq369 + queenenigma)


The Sun is the core (the self) of solar system;  he animates all. On Earth,  the sun comes as a guest daily, gives life, energy , warmth and vitality to all living creatures. Water in oceans get evaporated in presence of the sun, so we can drink it. Crops get harvested in his light Yet he demands no worship nor devotion and teaches one to be grateful towards the greatest. He is the source of knowledge and divinity. He who makes no laws nor punishes his children, the source giver of all, is the Sun. 

Though the worshipping of the Sun is an ancient practice, Many People across the globe still practices it. In Nepal and India the Sun Worshipping is done by offering water, various flowers, aksheta (rice grains) , to the Sun. Some devotees go by holy river or pond place and they do Surya puja while taking bath there. 

There are various ways to worship the Sun. Some perform rounds of Surya Namaskaram facing east in the morning and west in the evening, to gesture the Sun. Our body needs vitamin D ( from the Sun) to absorb other important minerals like calcium, Magnesium etc  in the body. The lack of Vitamin D in the body results ricket in children and osteomalacia in adults. In both cases, the bones are brittle, thin and fragile.  

The best time to worship the Sun is the early morning time. Devotees also Use copper vessels to offer the water to the Sun and they Look at the sun through the flow of water. Sanskrit mantra chanting purifies the nerves and energy channels and calms the body and mind. Chanted regularly with devotion, the divine power of the language prepares one to reach upward in all aspects of life. 

You can chant Gayatri mantras or Surya Mantras while you offer the water to the Sun and Pray to him to bless you with health, bliss and wealth. Om.




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