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OM is the sound of light


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5 essential parts of OM 

A represents Divine (Aaaaaa- feel vibration at navel)

U represents Mother Goddess, (Ooooo- notice it at heart)

M represents self, (Mmmmm- resonates at nasal and head) 

(.) and

the sound. 

The mother Goddess (U) connects the self (M) and the divine (A). These are the only sounds we can produce without using our tongue. 

Om is the root reason for whole universe and it contains all sounds in itself. The primordial sound OM vibrates at the earth's frequency that is 7.83 Hz. It is always everywhere ; One just needs to learn how to tune with it. 

Some of the health Benefits of Chanting Om (AUM)

1. To reach our goals in life, we need better focus and consistency in concentration. Om is the source of all mantras, Chanting of Om helps centering our mind. It helps reprogramme DNA.

2. The vibration we produce when chanting Om cleanses the environment of the place. The sound of Om only can be heard through heart, upon hearing It calms our mind. 

3. Om has self healing power, it enhances our immunity.  

4. It can be chanted any time, anywhere by anyone irrespective of age, gender, religion. 




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