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Kriya Yog Cleansing

Besides morning and evening group yog classes (an hour long) and private ( one to one ) yog session, we also offer Mysuru Style an hour 40 minutes long Ashtanga Yog or Prana Vashya Dynamic Yoga Primary Series classes. Further those who are interested in Cleansing...

Yog for beginners

Join our daily an hour long group yog classes for beginners ! Just like a foundation to a building, our toes, legs, torso, shoulders etc support to connect with mother ground. In this class, Students will learn and practice Sun Salutations A and B and basic stand...

Weekend Yoga Retreats in Nagarkot Nepal

We host our weekend yoga retreats in our tiny, peaceful Swasti Yog farm in Nagarkot, Nepal. We have an abundance of herbs around our farm and the trees are still young and growing around. At the farm we have a large dormitory that can accommodate up to 7 people. ...

Our Art Stuff

Artists at heart, on weekends we offer mindful afternoon art therapy in our farm in Nagarkot. Our clothing brand "eq369" provides comfortable organic tees, tote, jumpers, dresses etc with our artworks printed are available. Grab your copy of Neo Mithila...


We have public yog classes in the morning and evening time. One hour 40 minutes Classes; Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series and Prana Vashya Dynamic Yoga Primary Series Classes are available. We offer private yog classes; singing bowls healing sessions, Trataka meditation, yog hikes, yog treks, neck and foot massages and our art stuff. Namaste.

Yoga and Ayurveda are sisters. They have bond like that of sisters. Yogic Dietary Guidelines Practice yoga only on empty stomach. Do not eat a meal until the previous meal has been properly digested. Avoid eating after 9 PM. Eat at the same time daily. Include all 6 tastes in your meals everyday; sweet, sour, salty, pungent and astringent. “Food is that which you eat as well that which eats you.” Yoga for all!

yoga and all

Contact for private or group yog classes, yog retreats, yog treks and art

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The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word "yuj" means to unite. I'd like to mention, Yoga/Yog belongs to Santana Dharma. All hindu people practices yoga; hinduism does not exist without yoga and vice versa. It is open to all who wish to practice it. Being able to do yoga postures has to be the side effect of practicing yoga because the main goal of yoga is to let one realise his/her own innate, pure and eternal nature of the self.

Asana means ‘the seat’. When the series of different asanas is sequenced together is called yogasanas. Asana and Pranayama is like a base step of a ladder though independent, works together to exercise the anterior, posterior, lateral and interior portions of body equally bringing total attention to endure all five sheaths of the body. We have 5 different layers from the outer most layer to the inner most layer (the anatomical body, Physiological body, The mental body, the intellectual body and the Spiritual body). Yogasanas are psycho-physiological unlike physical exercises, which are purely external. Asana develops body awareness; generate internal consciousness and stabilizes the mind.

The Practice of yoga brings a perfect balance in body and mind, developing steadiness, composure and firmness.

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To embrace our sadhana journey together, Yog Sadhana Kala was founded in 2017, on the auspicious Krishna Janmasthami day. Yog Sadhana Kala offers yoga/yog retreats, group yoga classes , one to one private yoga session and many more healing therapies. Children above 7, adolescents, middle-aged or older age group; Yog for all !Hari Om Tat Sat

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